About us

Our bureau was created in 1998 by architect Emmanuel Bouffioux.

Three years later, he was joined by another, architect Juan Ochogavia. The bureau works on a variety of projects which cover every type of program, such as the building of single family dwellings, housing unit complexes, office space, and buildings meant for public use, either being new constructions or renovations. The multidisciplinary nature of the team which makes up our bureau allows us to approach each and every project with enthusiasm and innovative creativity.

The bureau is staffed by eight building specialists who have acquired an in-depth knowledge of architecture. Their work is influenced by extensive experience and a desire for perfection. Our team is mostly made up of architects and building technicians. The practical experience acquired over the past several years, along with the high quality of services offered by the members on our team, allow us to offer an innovative solution for each project, which, technically speaking, is always successfully completed. Such solutions are hallmarks of contemporary architecture which place people and their needs at the center of the creative building process.

Every new project entails research of a synthesis which integrates responses to economic, environmental, technical, and aesthetic issues always accompany each client’s request. All of this is related to our concern about responding, as best as possible, to the needs of the contractor, and carrying out the integration of the project within its context.

Each project is analysed, based on its cultural aspects and in relation to its location, as much in space as in time. This approach offers, for each project, a unique architectural response with its own specific character.

Meet our team.