For a strong institution

We aimed at designing the new WHO extension building with a strong while not ostentatious expression, reflecting the institution’s role and standing in the world.

Its assured contemporary architecture, with its underlined horizontality, rhythmical facade and choice of simple and lasting materials, echoes the modernist architecture of the Tschumi building and follows an environmental and rational logic, guided by the orientation and period of sunshine.

Implanting and shaping the project was carefully studied to, together, preserve the views from the existing building, generate diversified perspectives on the site and the valley from the new building and create a dynamic opening between them.

Articulate pedestrian connections linking both buildings and the different public and staff areas, with constant reference to the landscape, create rich emotional spaces as much as is an efficient response to the program, requested flexibility and phasing.

The progressive appropriation of the existing landscape allows continuity and fluidity of the generated exterior spaces. 


The project aims to reach NZEB standards.


Perspective Section

Cross Section

Longitudinal Section

Garden Floor

Main Floor

Typical Floor