Our reflection on a pavillionnaire implantation is guided by a desire to combine a bicommunal school while fostering the relationship with the nature

A natural wealth of the context

Located on a portion of a classified site Natura 2000, the project has a rich context, both by its animal diversity than floral, operating in a hilly environment with multiple facets. The bicommunal school project Poelbos, taking advantage of this favorable position by space and vistas it has on the landscape, will guide our reflection on our selection of new constructions, seeking the best available buildings to reconcile a bicommunal school with a suburban-type implantation, enriching the relationship with the natural environment that already owns the site.

The program was Broad and complex, it requires the coexistence of different French and Dutch schools with some bi-communal functions such as the gym or the dining hall.

The difficulty was to find the right proportion between functionality, different flows internal circulation and a remarkable site not denature. We really believe the rationalization of infrastructure between the two communities and our bi-communal team demonstrates, team or everyone brings his expertise and difference.

The Dutch school is couple with the gym for a compact matter and consists of a single intervention to keep the site intact, to achieve the standards of liability, and to be fully constructed keeping full use buildings before their demolition. Also a playground game allows a covered link between the existing part of the Dutch school and the new part.

Dining hall and classes

Indeed a child will spend on average one hour of her day in the dining hall while the rest of the elementary school is used throughout the day. This allows us to build a new francophone elementary school with current standards of comfort. After analyzing this bias, we found there a lot of benefits, whether in terms of operation, tracking, access but also comfort for children and teachers.

We took advantage of the valleys of the land to install the gym instead of the castle. The latter is buried half, taking advantage of the sloping terrain and therefore gives a very low template leaving the view of the trees and retains the character of the place

The interplay between different cultures in the dining room and in the gym is a source of enrichment and discovery of the other.


Ground floor classes and refectory

Ground floor gym

Floor +1 gym