A hosting project


The child is placed in the center of our concerns designers. The child must be considered as a subject with these needs and demands, allow him to flourishes on solid ground and take up his personality to life in society.

The space is designed to allow the actions and discovery of the child, but also as a communication space, which puts him in contact with others; adults and children, and gives him the confidence.

The layout offers a project of life in society, or at least a way of life, all incorporating a work organization conducive to meet these goals.


The proposed space is divided into four module; small located on the ground floor and the larger upstairs. Communication is ensured by ramps games, enabling children to move between floors without too much difficulty, adding a playful scene and discovery. This circulation brings additional psychomotor learning component toddlers.

Each space is semi-open communication with the other on the one hand by a positioning sets allowing physical communication, on the other hand by a visual communication pairs. This organization allows to always keep visual contact between child and adult.

The fluidity of the spaces allows to find no cul-de-sac, and promotes discovery by proposing a maximum circuit / different circulation. Each cell can be modulated through a step furniture (storage), movable. This gives a charming dimensions to the spaced, based on the number of children the group components and allows individual discovery and experimentation. So the cells are scalable and can be adapted to all ages of children.

The cells are located on the garden side, the street side circulations offering a buffer between it and activity spaces.


Ground floor

Floor +1

Floor +2

Floor +3