History of  a rehabilitation

In Brussels uptown heart, old offices on Louise Avenue had to become housing. The initial project was realised by Goffiaux Robert the architect in accordance with modern architectural precepts: Structure on pilotis, free facade, ribbon windows… Nowadays, this office block doesn’t answer to current expectations. So it was decided to convert office into housing.

This building might be more appropriate for housing and in a loft spirit, so we decided to redo the east original facade and to reconsider technical installations. West facade was conserved, only glazing frames was removed.

The old front side facade was done again. It was perfectly regular and symmetrical inside a concrete big frame out standing. On every floor, the floor area is above 230 sqm. The ribbon windows were removed and brought back in order to mark the concrete structure frame. But this detachment allows to privatize backwards housing and a shutter sliding system finishes the privatization even further animating the facade.

push a small volume out of the global design to create a tension

The spaces of the duplex top floor apartment had a beautiful view on the whole of Brussels

Night spaces facade is done with masonry coating and on the top floor, pushes a small volume standing out designs tension with it. It’s also put in a line with neighbour and it integrates the existing elevator hute contributing to the roofing embellishment. Spaces of the duplex top floor apartment had a beautiful view on the whole of Brussels.

Floor +2

Floor +1

Frontage North