Giving a beautiful image, both perceived rather negatively to this day and the function performed by the Brussels-Cleanliness, using a strong, timeless architecture with functional amenities qualities.

The proposed sit is located along the Willebroeck canal on the edge of the Brussels region. Industrial area in the redeployment it as an important economic activity for the Brussels-Capital Region.

The site of about 29,000 m2 is positioned between the seveso website of the company TOTAL and buildings and parking Solvay company. The proposed function responds perfectly to the area and its commercial and industrial assignment.

Giving a quality image at a time instead, perceived negatively to date and function performed by Brussels-Cleaness by a strong timeless architecture and functional amenities quality. Organize the mobility of different carts to resolve the arrival and departure flow without disturbing the neighborhood. Traffic inside and especially outside the site is the key of the success of this project and its optimal operation.


Existing situation

Footprint of different functions

Grouping function to release the rest of the site

Creation of two roads between industrial halls

Site traffic

Secure workspace and unloading zone

Assign duties

Our proposition is to bring together all the functions of work and storage in a single industrial building complex, allowing a saving in terms of construction means, cost, schedule of construction and land use.

The repetitive structural grid implementation enables complete prefabricated buildings (precast columns, beams glued laminated, insulated facade wooden box, self-supporting roof sheets, etc.) This solution allows flexibility in positioning functions, possible changes over time. Indeed each of the functions might move or change depending on the organization of the production facilities and operational changes that may occur.

A new face for a new relationship with the city





Ground plan