The project proposes the construction of a complex for small and medium sized enterprises (SME Park) with an expressive architecture taking full advantage of the site, basing the design on a simple and therefore economical   modular construction.

We have answered to the functional program very carefully, maximising the flexibility, modularity and compactness of the building, and avoiding a monotony and prosy architecture. We gave great importance to the integration of the landscape as well as ensure that we made the most of the natural light. Simultaneously, we wanted to give each of the 17 units a distinctive identity by choosing different coloured tiles, therefore avoiding an architecturally repetitive construction.


Ground floor

The building is accessible from all four facades, which are designed to give each one, an equal importance. Both volumes have been carved in to create periphery patios that allow a better natural lighting and vegetation decoration. At the same time the patios provide a possibility to redefine the spaces and give enjoyable fronts.

The roofing was particularly thought through in order to provide the best response to the ventilation needs and natural lighting, to dedicate the largest portion possible to a green roof and to offer future users the possibility to install solar panels. The chosen solution is a flat roof topped by triangular skylights oriented NE and NW, and arranged to provide natural light to the heart of the building. This solution is quite economical as well.