Development of the project as a welcoming new meeting place for local residents

Anderlecht Vue 5 130925

The configuration of the parcel generates a street-front location which tends to lengthen the Boulevard Maria Groeninckx of May and to refine to the Rue du Broeck. The local typology defines an architecture and a template that allows us to play with different variations of levels.

The proposed architecture is a response to the present buildings around, completely different. Two types of planning confront one hand classic Brussels streets lined with houses Type R + 1 and R 2 and also the boulevards where buildings located deny completely the architecture of the past. Two buildings with 9 levels are present around the site.

A building located at the corners of Boulevard Maria Groeninckx of May and Rue Adolphe Willemyns, which makes angle with the Mercator Street. The other building in turn is located below the Boulevard Maria Groeninckx of May and Boulevard Sylvain Dupuis.

Anderlecht Vue 3 130925

Climbing vegetation

In order to meet the fundamental objectives for the programming and offer a generous architecture in keeping with the atmosphere of the neighborhood, the built front of Boulevard Maria Groeninckx of May is set on a pedestal. The purpose of the back area is to have some visual and acoustic protection.

The wall of this basement is decorated with native plants and a low wire mesh in order to foster a climbing vegetation that could offer residents a much friendlier appearance.


The intervention is accompanied by a « landscaped » movement towards Rue du Broeck. This movement consists of landscaped flowerbeds vegetated and fitted ramp, and could possibly be reassigned to Anderlecht. This space is implanted in direct extension of the public domain in order to develop a welcoming meeting place for local residents. It also helps to maintain a connection and a visual link between the public space of the Rue du Broeck and Boulevard Maria Groeninckx of May. Creating a direct link from the Rue Adolphe Willemyns to be used by the occupants of the building, allowing them to get some Groeninckx Maria Boulevard protection May.

In order to benefit from better light and caloric intake, the tower located on the Rue Adolphe Willemyns (8 levels) is twisted. It also aims to create a vibrant and signalitique this new place


Ground floor

Floor +1

Floor +5

Frontage ouest

Frontage est