The project is located near a working-class neigbourhood in direct proximity from Rixensart and many facilities such as train station and shops ans also near the park.

The land for this newly urban plan is in a steep slope springwood, wich gives its particular charm to the project. The built environment is separated in two types :

On one part there’s social buildings with high size (6-storey buildings) onto avenue Marchal where lies the main entrance of the project.

On another part, there’s single-family houses of small size onto avenue des Sorbiers. Our project is composed by 3 buildings in free lay-out, with decreasing size towards the back of the land which let space to the natural landscape of the springwood and the vegetal element of the project.

This lay-out resolves issues from the development planning of the district and the program of the projcet while highlighting the key points of the land. It also gives a good sun exposure to the apartments, ensuring quality of life and natural energy intake.

To insure social bonding and friendliness, amenity spaces are created on various spots of the land favoring a social diversity

Urban integration in the built environment

We plan the rental apartments on the main entrance of the land, in direct link with existing social buildings.

Building materials are choosen for it’s simplicity, traditionnal implementation and link with the built environment. The façade are coated with bricks wich colour blend in with the springwoods. Some light green interventions give a dynamic composition to the façades.

We chose uniformity as an architectural language for all the outside materials to give some graphic consistency and blur any social rank.

Nontheless, the two programs (social and for sale apartments) are managed seperatly. Each entity have its own entrance and facilities to ensure two separate management units.


Integration of buildings in the context