Gameda Namur Vue 2

A new place to live

The buildings participate to the quality of life in urban and peri-urban district but they’re also partly responsible for the environment’s degradation. The environmental quality of buildings becomes essential and must be designed according to the future users’ needs (comfort improvement, utility costs and maintenance reduction).

It is obvious that architecture and durability mustn’t be dissociated. That is why we’re trying to inset these two aspects in a continuous and parallel way during the project’s elaboration.

Our will is to approach every project in an enthusiastic, creative and innovative way while considering the economic, environmental, cultural, political, social and technological constraints.

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The new housing project is located at the bottom of Gameda Street, generating definiteness and giving the street coherence.

Presently the street is a “cul-de-sac” resulting in a wasteland in the middle of a residential block defined by Pierre du Diable Street and Duhainaut Street as well as “le chemin des Pêcheurs” and the Meuse Boulevard (le boulevard de la Meuse)

Gameda Street continues until the centre of the residential block creating a public square around which the project is organised.

The new buildings are located along the existing setting recreating the traditional typology of the block with the new adjacent gardens to the bottom of the existing land, so that the local residents’ intimacy is preserved.The passable street is limited to the public square whereas pedestrian connexions are developed to circulate along the bottom of the plots of land.

The 3 divided parts of the project

Part A :      The apartments building, with a Groundfloor+3 template, containing 27 housing units. The building contains 25 two-bedrooms apartments and 2 three-bedrooms apartments located on the last floor. Furthermore 2 apartments at the ground floor are adaptable into one-bedroom apartments for disabled persons.

Part B :      Two intergenerational housing buildings containing 8 units. Every building proposes 2 one-bedroom apartments at the ground floor topped with a 3 bedrooms duplex.

Part C :      Family houses grouped in 5 blocks for a total of 23 houses. The houses are organised on 3 levels, each proposing 4 bedrooms

The A, B and C parts have been organised by habitat typology to create positive exchanges according to the different lifestyles. That way the project offers a vast habitat choice without generating inadequate proximity between completely different groups.

Under the apartments building an underground parking lot will be foreseen which contains 28 spots. On the public space, 8 carport and 34 spots will be built of which 1 reserved for disabled persons. In order to avoid the creation of non-essential waterproof surface, 20 of these parking spots on the public road are made in paving stone-lawn allowing natural infiltration of rainwater.


Ground floor ABC

Floor +2 ABC

Frontage ABC

Ground floor DEFG

Duplex DEFG

Frontage DEFG