We recently get the second place for the competition to design an apartment block with a nursery in Brussel,

near to the Western train station.

Concours EKLA Vue 4 160222_V1

The project is set next to the western train station, close to a new project of a housing tower. In fact we try in the Pierre Van Humbeek street to respond to this new tower, creating a mark in the street, without crushing the context by his presence. The particularity of this project is this backyard. We tryed to connect all the neighborhood with the concept of a green space who could have a real impact to connect all the users.

On the ground floor, the nursery have an entry on the street and an access to the centre of this green block. The housing and parking entryes are located in Van Humbeek street.

All the apartments, are adaptable, means that they can be adapted for person of reduced mobility, really easly and quickly.