Competition to design the new Andenne ceramic museum.



This new building stands as highlight on the new site created by the development of the new city center.

Arrival point, or starting point from the pedestrian shopping street linking it to the place of the town hall. It is therefore a privileged position, perfectly suitable for such a public building.

The connection with the new public park created on the back of the museum it snt however minimized.

The proposed public terrace, area shared between our function library and museum and where multipurpose halls positions is an extension of the square and the park. it’s creating a binding space accessible by stairs on each side and giving a view panoramic of the surrounding landscape.

The dialogue between this new project, the public square and the future public park generated the whole composition which can be read on several levels.

The concept was to create a landmark for all the scale of the city, through all the new links between the neighborhood and this new museum project.